Peace be on upon you my friends, My name is Saint Izarya Ban Gad thank you visiting our website. Growing up in Chicago in the early 2000’s I’ve experienced many traumas. My life’s work been dedicated helping people. I began Hands Of The Saint in 2015 as an Eastern Garment production company. Five years later not only do we continue to sell  eastern garments but we have expanded toward selling Jewelry, natural remedies and other assets produced of The Earth. I want to remind the people of The Earth the simplicity in achieving happiness, by first acknowledging presence. “Be Here Now” I believe  by releasing doubt and hate we stand a better chance of making the world an exception  place. Practicing righteousness is the key to love. Wisdom is learned  to be a defense against those who hate and oppose you. Finally showing benevolence  with the understanding that  not all people  will consciously  choose to practice righteousness. Which indubitably makes me sorrowful. All men are created in the image of The Most High but I commend and am humbled by those who actively practice righteousness. Peace Be upon you my friends. -SNT.

Hands of the Saint Foundation is a non-profit organization  dedicated to establishing righteous living throughout the entire Earth. Our Primary focus  is to develop the maturity of the Human Experience  by practicing righteousness, performing wisdom, and standing for benevolence.


"When I find really good photography I begin to realize it captures a moment, it becomes more than a photo but a moment that can be felt forever."

Saint Izarya Ban Gad -

                       On Ya Soul is a podcast where  Saint Izarya and special guest discuss topics that are on the minds and hearts of common people whether Women and sexuality or Aliens taking over the world or  history and religion. No subjects are Taboo, so lets sip some tea and tell me, what’s on ya soul.-SNT



The 1st day on the week we dedicate to preparation for a new week. We Discuss the previous week, reflect  learn and grow from it.

The 2nd day of the week  usually the hardest day of the week. On Monday’s we discuss  finances and  give financial advise. Finances literacy isn’t taught in schools but its taught here!

The Third day of the week Tuesdays we discuss governmental  rights for the nation of Yasharahla ( children of Israel)

The fourth day of the week Working out, Lecture  and training  With Jordan Fisher. Co-founder of Healthy Transition Living . Jordan Fisher  a great friend and  beautiful soul.   

The fifth day of the week  dedicated to “on ya soul”.  The fifth day is dedicated to just talk about whatever is on ya soul.

The sixth day  the prep day. There is no zoom meeting day this day due to the next day   the Holy shabbath .

The seventh day is shabbath, we rest  and go over the torah portion.

In these dark days I believe it is very important to connect amongst each other, Feel what others are feeling. Consideration of another person's soul is the most human action in this world.

Saint Izarya Ban Gad-
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