Be the Change you Wish To see in the World.

Here at hand of the saint our primary objective is  to heal, teach, and nurture the maturity of humanity by practicing  righteousness according to the Torah, Wisdom and the teachings of the Messiah.



We pride ourselves in supporting the less fortunate, we also provide health antidotes, authentic natural clothing among a variety  of goods and services. We offer opportunities to volunteer in the Las Vegas Area, however we do provide different Amounts certificates of donations in our shop.


From our past food drives we’ve come to learn that it only takes 2 USD  to feed a meal to one  displaced person in the United States.


In the proper environment the human body can heal itself. We offer consultations and provide   herbs, oils, other medicinal products. 


The clothes we provide  from our shop are 100% Linen and 100% Cotton clothing. We provide quality clothing and accessories.  

Harder Than Cement

By Saint Izarya

In our beginning we were fashioned from the minerals of the Earth, we were tender-hearted to our brothers and rejoiced in our wives and children.   Being sufficient and able to bare strength and the matters of the World, who are we today? Or why have Black and Brown men been reduced to commodities of the world?  Reduced to a financial bank, or a sperm bank, and once the world breaks the soul expect a two-legged dog to send your cold lifeless body to the blood bank. We have been treated no better the slabs of cement, constantly walked all over, neglected, and become hard. Victim of a social plague and the cure is to remember our original nature.  More precious than gold we are, and women who comprehend wisdom are more precious than rubies. Regretfully, the world has been defeated by wickedness, and pride is its strength, and who is able to stand against it?  Deception is the sickness of the earth 

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Here are a few more articles  articles written by Saint Izarya

Becoming a Stranger in A Strange Land

I remember the 1st time I’ve became aware of my environment. I was about thirteen years old, on the way to school I had overheard a conversation between my pops and my older brother Troy Jr. . He said “Son it’s a shame your friend was shot and killed; he was a really good kid….

The World Is Ending So Choose Life

If the most high will’s my faith in him will alway strengthen me, I have come to learn if we have faith in the most high he will have faith in us. My case isn’t special in any way, these things have always happened on the Earth. Daily I foster the question ‘does opening your heart always hurt?’. In a brave attempt I have  demanded to preserve my sanity and reveal my weakness to the plants and not man

A Man's Greatest Weakness

Brothers and Sisters we are all given gifts from the most high.Who are we not to see search and achieve our aspirations why not you, why  not me? The cup which the most high has handed us shall we not drink it? Are we not beloved of the most high?

Reexamining The Human Experience

Staring out the window of my disheveled yet sacred flat, I have often considered my place in this world “Human Experience” which is so frequently diminished, molded, and rebranded as life. It’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “I want a GOOD Life” or “life is HARD” in present day society. 

Sons Of Faith

Shalom this particular video is a study  in relation how we can become sons and daughters of the most high by our faith and not by Lineage.

Shalom in his podcast series Saint Izarya  tells stories of the human experience. We discuss different aspects of wisdom and world culture.