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Grounded is a international nonprofit charitable Foundation dedicated Planting seeds from the food we eat to repopulate our yards, Neighbourhoods, cities and earth.

Grounded is a movement dedicated to teach the fundamentals of  botany and its relation to humanity. We believe becoming  sustainable  is needed for the human race and most importantly individual human being.

       We are a United Kingdom based organisation.  We keep the poor in mind, we focus on children and elders eating what is properly needed for that individual person.

  We believe that every meal  needs to be a dose of medicinal compounds  that supply nutritional elements  to the body. Simple  Neurological elements of the brain, such as emotions can commonly be disciplined  with the understanding of the Endocrine system (Hormones).

The Endocrine system has many functions  even so all of our emotions rely on this system. Dopamine the hormone responsible for feeling motivated and pleasure or norepinephrine the fight or flight hormone. Our brains are sometimes flushed with these hormones and we tend to feel amazing , excited and ready to take on the world.   

Although  I ask the question what is to be done when you or some one is  depressed, suicidal or does not want to leave the bed? We must rely on what has been giving to us from the beginning, our foods.  Some foods such as  Mangoes bananas and kiwis all produce dopamine and serotonin  and can radically improve a persons emotions, days, years and life. 

       This is why The grounded foundations was formed to remind humans of their humanity. The most human action a person can do is care for the soul of another person.


small changes make big results

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Great kings have come from humble beginnings, yet few in numbers understand our movement is larger than the things of today. 

Become the change you wish  to see in the world. Ive always disliked to see people suffering in the world how could I not make a difference in my Neighbourhood .

                   -Saint Izarya

why we matter

We believe in functioning in harmony with nature. Humanity needs to learn that we rely on the earth and Every thing that grows from it. We are here to remind you of your humanity .

With you

With you we’ve saved more lives, take away more pain from the world, and made  sure the Elderly and children are properly managed for. 

This Foundation is needed

We aren’t needed. We chose to make a difference in the world. Though we may never see it nor hear it, in our hearts we know that our hope is in love and kindness that is we hear, see and feel.

How can you Join?

We aren’t a group, a club or any exclusive gathering . Consider Humanity, consider the Earth, save your seeds from your foods and plant them as you go about your day. You can  begin to make a difference alone, Remember that.

The grounded foundation  has aspirations to  attain and operate  community gardens. We know this will remind us of our humanity and teach the next generation to care for the earth.  

Upcoming projects /
With the community

How can we / help make a difference.

By the Grace of God  of course. We aren’t goal oriented or money  driven. Our Souls communicate to our hearts  and we listen to them. If we change nothing physical we have definitely changed our hearts and souls.