Harder Than Cement

Transformed from the most gentle creatures and silently molded into some kind of brute savage  beast- Saint Izarya


             I Indeed tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep forever- Thomas Jefferson. Like the early slave captor I indeed wonder for my country: I wonder what is the end game? I wonder why are wars fought and men and woman and commanded and commended to die in the name of nationalism and traditions of men, while aristocratic generals sip piss water out of their diamond encrusted doggy bowls. I wonder why black and brown men are constantly in a state of distress, abused or helpless like a woman in a bad 50’s film and who is able to re-crown the kings of the nations. Or who is able to find the source of our strength. Show me a man who is able lift up a king above the height of his head and say unto to him “see thou art lifted be king and now rule.”

             In our beginning we were fashioned from the minerals of the earth, more precious than diamonds,  our eyes shimmered like black opals. Our  brothers and sisters were more tender than the little sheep of Jerusalem and more confident than young wild lions. We found pleasure in the joy of our wives and children, while also being sufficient to judge the weightiest matters of the world  with bare strength and intellect. Although I pose the question who are we today? He that was once purer than gold is now regarded as the dross of silver in the bottom of the melting pot. We are  the ones who beg for  the crumbs and found lacking, wounds and sores sick without any signs of recovery. Why have we been reduced to the most base of commodities of the world. An International cryptic currency, if lucky enough to be spared from death only to be used as sperm banks, proud to be seen as a desired  untamed bulls  by the cattle of our flock.  Reduced to a hostage  in a joke of child support payments, forgetting who we are and not being able to see what we have been reduced too. We have been treated no better than the slabs of cement: broken, unattended to and walked all over and our blood and has become more dry than the mortar itself. Victims of modern day society, victims of our past  and victims of the wicked. Where is our balm? Who can retrieve the ointment  send forth the  wise physicians and not the mourning women. Call out for the healers and not the pallbearers, for my heart and souls within me says live, survive and conquer. 

           A righteous man is more precious than gold and a virtuous woman is more precious than rubies, and those who understand wisdom shall watch the changing of times like great oak trees. Regretfully it is a sorrowful tale to tell that the earth has been over run with wickedness and foolishness and pride is it’s crown and cypher. What poor wise man is remembered to rebel against the wicked was able keep his own life. Show me the woman who has refused to  serve  the workers of wickedness and has not suffered loss. The belief in deceptions is a sweeping plague within the earth.  Foolishness is the wound that can not be bounded, and they that love it drinks the blood thereof. The stink of the Earth isn’t racism, sexism, climate change or anything that can be intellectualized within any Ivy League tower.  The most high has set truth on the lowest branch bearing the sweetest fruit but the deceiver will whisper sweet words of his bitter fruits. The life force of this world is the belief in lies, the poor portray theatrics of  the rich and men are  honored for wearing the wigs of women, serpents swear to be seen as doves and are not.

            Truly brothers and sisters  the clock has struck midnight, truly a new day is on the rise.  At the rising of the sun, when the light has shined upon your vessel,  when the morning dew has washed away  the crude past, how will you reflect that light?  Will you hide in shame shattered among the stones or reflect that light of the Most High and shine as the sun itself. Will you make the choice to reframe from the thunderings of drunkenness and sit with the lowly in high places? Even from our birth the earth, yea even the very flies await to see whether you will choose righteousness or wickedness, whether you will bathe in the light or wallow in the darkness. True honor  and integrity is retained by truth, and the love of lies are shackles stronger than iron. In our Beginning we were fashioned from the minerals of the earth and our children were more precious than the Lillies of the fields  although in this new world order we have been forced to become harder than cement. Some men and women dwell with wisdom but for those who are without, I leave you with this as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.           

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Saint Izarya – 

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