Saint Izarya Ban Gad

Harder Than Cement


“I indeed tremble for my country when reflect that God just: that his justice cannot sleep forever.” – Thomas Jefferson 

 Unlike Thomas Jefferson I indeed wonder for my country: I wonder what is the end game? I wonder why wars are fought between countries where men and women are commanded to die for nationalism and traditions of men, while aristocratic generals sip expensive piss water out of their diamond incrusted doggy bowls. I wonder why Black and Brown Men are constantly in a state of distress or abused or helpless and who will recrown the Kings of the Nations? Or where is the source of our strength? Show me a man who is able to lift a king above his head and say unto him this is height and strength, now be thou lifted and rule. 

In our beginning we were fashioned from the minerals of the Earth, we were tender hearted to our brothers and rejoiced in our wives and children.   Being sufficient and able to bare strength and the matters of the World, who are we today? Or why have Black and Brown men been reduced to commodities of the world?  Reduced to a financial bank, or a sperm bank and once the world breaks the soul expect a two-legged dog to send your cold lifeless body to the blood bank. We have been treated no better the slabs of cement, constantly walked all over, neglected and become hard. Victim of a social plague and the cure is  to remember our  original nature.  More precious than gold we are, and women who comprehend wisdom are more precious than rubies. Regretfully, the world has been defeated by wickedness, and pride is its strength, and who is able to stand against it?  Deception is the sickness of the earth not climate change or religion or racism. The Most High will  make the truth easy but the Devil will guide you to believe in lies. Men have become women, the poor pretend to be rich and deadly serpents swear to be doves and are not. Truth is our liberation. Truly Brothers, Sisters it is time we make a choice whether we stand with righteousness or fall under wickedness, from birth the Earth awaits for us to choose; whether we choice righteousness or wickedness.  whether we choose wisdom and security or a sense of false liberation, this decision will be the most important one a person can make. True power is inherited by honor and integrity not attained by rebellion disguised as equality which is really just a bastardized replication of the same oppressive system. We were fashioned from the minerals of the Earth and our children as the lilies of the field but in this is New World we have been forced to become harder than cement.    Some men and women dwell with wisdom but those who are without I will leave you with this, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. 

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I remember the 1st time I’ve became aware of my environment. I was about thirteen years old, on the way to school, I had overheard a conversation between my pops and my older brother Troy Jr. . He said “Son it’s a shame your friend was shot and killed; he was a really good kid. My younger sister Morgan and I sat breathlessly in the back of the truck. Troy Jr. brokenly replied “Yeah”, this was the day my childhood in the Southside of Chicago had come to a bittersweet end. Ever since that day the lessons my Father would teach me would primarily be about survival. My pops having been a police sergeant (now retired) he would always say “son when you see police officers understand their main goal is make it back to their families and they fear that they won’t, so please don’t give them a hard time.” Considering the burdens of my Mother I stiffly responded “ok dad”. Survive and make it back to the people you love, this became a requirement in our home.

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"Truly Brothers, Sisters it is time we make a choice whether we stand with righteousness or fall under wickedness, from birth the Earth awaits for us to choose; whether we choice righteousness or wickedness."