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Land Of Hope and Chance

What exactly is the Land of hope and chance.

The Land Of Hope And Chance is space of realignment  of sobriety and spiritual growth. Our Number one goal is establish national and international autonomy, through completely healing any dis-ease by a frugivore meal plan, a clean and safe space to learn the wisdom of the ancients, and finally  realign with the creator by gaining knowledge of self.

What can be Done now

here's what can be done

We have a team of researchers and scouts, to seek out land to build and establish a self sustainable communities through the world

how to get Involved

All great moments start at the local and individual level, spread the word, continue to invest in your spiritual, mental and physical health. This a community built by the people for the people.

what does it takes to see this through?

This a grass roots project starting at the local level. We need you! everyone brings something amazing to the table. All useful Skills and knowledge can go a long way. 

We're Live and Active on Gofundme.com!