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Thank you for coming to look at our collection. We are excited to show you some of our most exciting pieces of jewellery.

Our Rare Collection

Our rare collection consist of raw materials such as Raw 22 karat gold Nuggets jewellery,Gold Quartz jewellery and rare gemstones and crystals . 


Although Don't worry We have something for everyone.

If your not a fan for rare unique gemstone we also carry more familiar gemstones  and precious metals


Free Shipping
on Orders Over £700

Although we are Based In The United Kingdom Saint the Jeweller Travels across the world to bring Exotic pieces of Jewellery to your home.


This isn’t a business or anything like that. I Simply enjoy  precious commodities from the earth. I only wish to share my appreciation for what the earth  has given us.

In this moment in life there are two vices i posses. first the connection of humanity and secondly a Fascination In Gems

– Saint The Jeweller

We've come to change what it means to own jewellery.

Remember it is you That wears the gold.

good Jewellery comes from a good craftman