Hands of the Saint primary objective is to  provide the Saints of the Most High with better quality of life, this includes proper food, proper clothing and  and Knowledge of proper shelter. Hands Of The Saint began as a garment company but we’ve began to branch out in other Industries that can provide a better for all of humanity.

Why We Chose to keep a 100%

All of our clothing are completely  created from 100% Linen, 100% Cotton and 100% Wool. We have an understanding that pure fabrics are indeed a healthier alternative for the body than mixed fabrics. Most  mixed fabrics contain  plastics and non-biodegradable substances. With this concept of fast fashion 80%  of all clothing end up a landfill, and only 2% of clothing being created with in the world is biodegradable. Hands Of The Saint has decided to become a part of that 2%.

Learn about you fabrics

We find it important to Learn about the fabrics you are putting On your skin and face. 


Cotton  is a plant based material, that began to rival the equal worth of gold in Ancient Egypt. Cotton  is very breathable and is able to be used to keep the body cool. The Human body has a energy level of a 100, pure cotton also has a energy of 100


Wool is a cruelty free product from the  hairs of sheep. Wool has been used for clothing since the times of the Babylonian Empire. There are no no known cases of human being allergic to wool. Wool has been known to last many life time unlike synthetic fibers. Wool is also able to keep the body cool and able to absorb sweat and can be comfortably worn in the desert. The Energy level of cotton is 100 the same as the human body


Linen is a plant based material fabric, Linen have been used as fabric since the  ancient civilizations. Linen is one of the most breathable fabrics known to mankind.  Unlike wool and cotton linen poses a energy level of 5000. Linen has also been known to cure many skin diseases such as eczema, acne and even plague psoriasis .

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